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Friday, April 8, 2011

UFC:130 Edgar vs Maynard 3 Fight

It is very soon for the MMA world to change. The fans of Edgar vs Maynard fight were lukewarm and even utter pessimism of the projected rematch between them. They already gave us an early Fight of the Year contender for the main event to the UFC 125. UFC President Dana White in the early post-fight reports saw the record of Anthony Pettis and she is adamant for him to be the next opponent for Edgar for the final WEC Lightweight Championship. And it seems that White has gave in to the pressure of the situation, and the rematch will be in realization and these are the details.
Various internet sources like MMA Weekly have confirmed the rematch. When it comes to sports, Keven Iole of Yahoo! is the first man to get the newest updates and scoops. And according to his report, there is a change of mind of Dana White and he wanted immediately a rematch between Edgar and Maynard. There is no definite schedule for Edgar vs. Maynard 3 that has been announced in this report.
It would not just be another MMA fan calling or pressure for an immediate rematch if Anthony Pettis and the Whole WEC Lightweight Championship situation did not exist. We have high hopes for the fight of Edgar vs. Maynard 2 and even with that it has exceeded my expectations. Everyone knew it was going to be a great fight, and indeed it is a lot better than many people expect. The rematch between these fighters is absolutely a no-brainer, specifically when we will consider how divided the fanbase on who they thought would won.
For Anthony Pettis, it is completely unfair to him.
I came into my mind that it is unfair for Maynard for not having an immediate rematch however Anthony Pettis has done nothing wrong and should not be forced in the sidelines waiting. What are the picks for Pettis? He gave us the one of the best fights of all time and the greatest strike that ever happened in MMA history. Pettis earned his best shot at the UFC Lightweight Championship and he absolutely deserves a debut in the UFC main event. Shoving this incredibly humble and talented man is a total disservice to him.
Well, I’m waiting for the rematch of Edgar vs Maynard 3 with mixed feelings for it. It would be really an amazing match and both fighters will finally prove that they are not boring fighters, therefore they show definitely make the most of the moment by ending their epic rivalry. However, I am not comfortable with the thought of Anthony Pettis being basically shoved to the sidelines and having a long layoff prior of getting the title that he fully and unquestionably earned.
Do you have any thoughts about this rematch? How do you find the UFC Lightweight Championship situation?

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